Transport Sounds Pack (Optional Pro In-App Purchase) – includes 20 sounds

  Sample Name Sound Sample Source / Attribution
1 Heavy traffic across a park
2 Street sounds; Indian sub-continent

(Andi Roselund [Sangwha Comm])

3 Heavy traffic; wet road
4 Freeway traffic; distant
5 Medium traffic; close
6 Helicopter approach  (Mike Koenig)
7 Jet flyover
8 Military jet flyover
9 Military jet take-off; close
10 Small jet flyover
11 Turbo-prop aircraft flyover
12 Ambulance with siren  (Mike Koenig)
13 Bus leaving bus stop
14 Car drive by; close  (Mike Koenig)
15 Car drive by; distant
16 Fire truck with siren  (Fireman Sam)
17 Motorcycle
18 Police car with siren
19 Truck drive by
20 Truck idling