A. Litvin & H. Belliston 1978 ‘Sound Transmission Loss Through Concrete and Masonry Walls’; Jnl Americal Concrete Institute 12; vol 75:

  • Concrete slabs, 150mm & 200mm.

D.A. Bies & C.H. Hansen 2003 ‘Engineering Noise Control: Theory and Practice’; Taylor & Francis:

  • Concrete slab: 300mm
  • 230mm clay bricks; rendered both sides
  • Double brick; 2 x 110mm; strip ties; rendered
  • Hollow core door, 43mm no seals
  • All single panels.

E.T. Weston; M.A. Burgess & J.A. Whitlock 1973 ‘Airborne Sound Transmission Loss Through Elements of Buildings’; C.S.I.R.O. Experimental Building Station Technical Study 48:

  • 110mm clay bricks; rendered one side
  • 230mm clay bricks; no render
  • Glass – All except those listed for Viracon
  • Solid core door – 35mm, 42mm & 44mm.

Hebel Australia product information:

  • All aerated concrete.

Viracon Pty Ltd product information:

  • Glass –
    12mm; timber frame
    6mm; fixed aluminium frame
    10mm; fixed aluminium frame
    6mm; 0.76mm lam; aluminium frame
    10mm; 0.76mm lam; aluminium frame
    12mm; 0.76mm lam; aluminium frame
    All insulated glass units.

Obeco Pty Ltd product information:

  • All glass blocks.

CSR Pty Ltd product data

  • All gypsum board constructions.

J.D. Quirt; ‘Sound Transmission Through Double Doors’; National Research Council of Canada:

  • Solid core door, 45mm no seals
  • Both double doors.

A.C.C. Warnock 1985 ‘Field Sound Transmission Loss Measurements’; National Research Council of Canada:

  • All floorboards + ceiling constructions.

K.R. Cook 1980 ‘Sound Insulation of Domestic Roofing Systems – Part 3’; Applied Acoustics 13; 313-329:

  • All roof constructions.