SoundSoup-Pro – An Easy-To-Use Sound Modelling iPad App That Saves You Time & Money

Acoustic Modelling App for iPads

All sound modelling data can be exported as PDF or CSV files to any suitable App, including Dropbox, for inclusion in your reports and spreadsheets

Testimonial - SoundSoup PRO

Benefits of Buying SoundSoup-Pro – Easy-To-Use Sound Modelling App

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Combining professionally designed acoustic simulation software with a simple, intuitive user interface.

Hear the sound of your room before you commit to the final design. Easily change designs until 100% perfect

The SoundSoup-Pro App gives you professional-level tools to help you model and simulate sound in a lounge room, office, café, restaurant, classroom, lecture theatre, or any other building project. Most importantly, you can hear the results of your design immediately, change it, then listen again.

Built for anyone who needs to design better-sounding spaces. Great for noise reduction

SoundSoup-Pro is a unique, easy to use acoustic modelling and auralisation tool that lets you explore in real-time how a room would sound with different windows, walls, floor coverings, curtains or other features. Professionally-designed acoustic simulation software combined with a simple, intuitive user interface mean SoundSoup-Pro can be used by anyone with an interest in sound or in noise reduction.

Screenshot Examples

View a selection of main screen shots below. We suggest you trial the basic version of this APP with SoundSoup-Free – with our compliments.

Showcase and demonstrate the positive impact of your design choices to stakeholders and clients

SoundSoup-Pro provides professional-level functionality, with detailed data on reverberation, sound pressure levels and construction types, as well as added flexibility in controlling sound sources, and other features. It is aimed at sound designers and acoustic material companies who need a simple, accurate way to showcase and demonstrate the impact of their design or their products without resorting to complex, time-consuming CAD-based programs. Avoid costly mistakes, and produce better-sounding spaces.

SoundSoup-Pro models both reverberation within the room and transmission from outside, using verified frequency-dependent data on absorption and transmission loss of materials.

Some feedback from an acoustic engineer: “I am amazed at how we can do a complex design in minutes . . . we can present a non-standard design with all the normal calcs and then show the design in practice.”

Use in the same way as a 3D visualisation program helps design the visual features of a space

With SoundSoup-Pro you can design the sound of the room, in the same way that 3D visualisation programs help to design the visual features. An acoustic environment can often be improved with a few simple measures, but how can a non-expert understand their importance? Try using SoundSoup-Pro. We think they’ll get the message. Hearing is believing!