Intruding Sound

In the previous post I described the role of background sound in a soundscape. In this post we concentrate on intruding sound – sound that comes from outside the space we are designing. This is almost always NOT sound that you particularly want to focus on – rarely do we want to be consciously aware […]

Background Sound

As I described in the previous post in this series, soundscapes have numerous components, which are the sounds from individual noise sources (cars, people, trains, a dishwasher – whatever). When your brain processes the sound, some of these components will stand out in your conscious awareness, while the rest are not processed consciously, but form […]

What are Soundscapes?

You know when a certain place just doesn’t sound right. You might say it’s “too noisy” or it’s “echoey”, or maybe it’s “weirdly quiet”. Sometimes a certain sound is part of what makes the place feel good – think of surf sounds in a beachside bungalow, or sounds from a playground in a nearby café. […]