The quality of sound that is consciously heard in a space is what traditional “acoustics” is all about, particularly if that sound is music. There are schools, theories, numerous research projects and multiple textbooks devoted to the topic of producing the prefect acoustic environment for listening to various types of music. I am not even […]

Stirfry Software demonstrated acoustic modelling using SoundSoup at the DesignBUILD Expo on 2-4 May 2018, which was held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. We had lots of interest from architects, designers, builders and acoustic material suppliers – who especially appreciated our Fantale lollies!  

In the previous post I described the role of background sound in a soundscape. In this post we concentrate on intruding sound – sound that comes from outside the space we are designing. This is almost always NOT sound that you particularly want to focus on – rarely do we want to be consciously aware […]